Patient Reviews of Doctors and AFC Urgent Care in Santa Clarita, CA

AFC Urgent Care Doctor and Medical Staff Reviews

“Our visit was great. Super staff. A follow up call the next day. All things I didn’t expect. Made things less stressful for me and my little one. Thank u.”

– Arnette D.

“This was the best experience I have had at a doctor’s office in years. Everyone was friendly and super helpful. I have already recommended this office to everyone I know that lives in the area.”

– Jessie B.

“If I could have put an explanation point after clicking thumbs up to each question, I would have. The triage nurse was so good, I thought he was the doctor. My friend who drove me to DE had her 10 yr old son w/her and he was so happy about the iPads in the lobby, it eased my stress for having to have them wait. This was my 1st time here, and it’s now my go-to urgent care. So far, no improvements needed!!!”

– Sheila O.

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